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"Keeping it simple, prices low, and uptime high!"
- Giacomo, Web Developer ☻

"In a world of complicated tools, Uptime Sniper stands out with its simplicity"
- Elliot, Engineering Manager ☻

"It's like having a guardian for our website's uptime"
- Derek, Blogger & Entrepreneur ☻

Value-Packed Pricing, Your Path to Reliable and Cost-Effective Uptime

Affordable Uptime Monitoring Plans for a Consistently Available Online Experience.

5 Monitors
HTTP Monitors
Global Locations
5 Minutes Frequency
14 Days Data Retention
Community Support
15 Monitors
HTTP, TCP Monitors
Global Locations
2 Minutes Frequency
6 Months Data Retention
Mon-Fri Email Support
Custom Headers
1 Status Page
500 Monitors
HTTP, TCP Monitors
Global Locations
1 Minute Frequency
Unlimited Data Retention
24/7 Email Support
Custom Headers
500 Status Pages

Power-Packed Monitoring Features for Unmatched Uptime Control

From Swift Alert Notifications to Multi-Monitor Precision - Your Uptime, Our Priority.

Record Low Prices ★

Super Fast User Interface ★

Down To 60s Monitor Frequency ★

HTTP & TCP Monitors ★

Instant Email Alerts ★

Latency & Incidents Charts ★

Unlimited Data Retention ★


Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Your Website Up and Running

What is uptime monitoring?

Uptime monitoring is the process of tracking and reporting on the availability of a website or application. It involves regularly checking to see if a website or application is accessible to users, and notifying you if there are any problems.

How is Uptime Sniper different?

Uptime Sniper is the most cost effective way to monitor your site, easy to use and highly performant. We built Uptime Sniper on Cloudflare Workers, a new technology platform that has been proven to be ten times cheaper than legacy providers. To give you an idea, serving 10 Million requests will cost the equivalent of a cup of coffee. Unlike some of our competitors we don't run on expensive legacy server setups. We are able to pass the cost savings to you, which is why we offer a free plan and our paid plans start at just US$4/month

Where is my data hosted?

Your data is hosted on Cloudflare KV, which is a globally distributed key-value store. This means that your data is stored in multiple regions around the world, which ensures that it is always available and that you can get the best possible performance for your applications. The regions where our data is stored are as follows: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East.

How many websites can I monitor with Uptime Sniper?

Based on your plan you will be able to monitor as many websites or applications as you like, as long as you stay within the limits defined for each plan. Essential plan allows you to monitor up to 5 websites. Pro up to 15 websites or applications and with our Platinum plan there is no limit on the number of websites or applications that you can monitor.

How can I upgrade to a higher plan?

You can login to your Uptime Sniper dashboard and head to the Billing section of the website, where you will be able to manage your plans and billing.

How can I request a new feature?

We welcome any type of feature request or bug report, you can share it with us by going to the Help section of our website